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Quality soft toy horse & pony craft/sewing kits, on-line horse & pony lesssons for children

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consisting of moms and educators 

Crafty Ponies have been awarded


(Creative Play Craft Kits category)

To be considered for the 2012 Creative Play of the Year Award, an activity or game has to stand out as nurturing a child’s creativity.  The Awards Program is unique in that all products are reviewed by over 100 parents and educators at a two-day event.

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 Craft ideas and activities for kids!!

Crafty ponies childrens craft kits & the wonderful soft toy horse and pony toys they make into, along with the on-line horse and pony lessons that children can practice with their own Crafty Ponies provide a lot of horse and pony education,fun and entertainment!

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Learn about ponies - 15 FREE horse & pony lessons!

Crafty ponies craft kits have won THREE international childrens craft and play awards...


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Crafty Ponies Childrens Craft Kit is


and makes up into all this!.....

Crafty Ponies have been HIGHLY COMMENDED in the 'Creative Play Awards 2011'  here is what the test reviewers said about the kit...

...Crafty Ponies childrens craft kits are produced in England from natural materials and have passed the British and European toy safety standards for children over three years old


award winning horse and pony soft toy craft/sewing kits!

Horse and  Pony Lessons with qualified instructors, filmed at our riding school for your childrens fun and learning!

Crafty Ponies, craft kit, stuffed toy horse, sewing kit, how to sew, childrens craft, toy horse, toy pony, horse toy.


Crafty Ponies, stuffed toy, stuffed horse toy, pony toy, craft kit, craft ideas, childrens craft, childrens craft ideas,

Be creative!

Be imaginative!

Crafty Ponies childrens craft kits make up into wonderful, realistic and educational horse and pony toys!

This fun two minute film will show you all about Crafty Ponies soft toy horse Craft Kits and all the wonderful horse and pony toys that you can make with the kit!

Crafty Ponies

stuffed toy horse

Crafty Ponies

   toy horse saddle

Crafty Ponies

 toy horse bridle

Crafty Ponies

   toy horse headcollar and leadrope

Crafty Ponies toy horse  showjumping game

Crafty Ponies

   toy horse grooming kit

Crafty Ponies toy horse feed and water buckets

Crafty Ponies toy horse stable and tackroom

Crafty Ponies,  craft kits, stuffed toy horse, stuffed toy pony, toy horse, craft kits, kids, craft ideas, sewing kit, how to sew,

Because Crafty Ponies stuffed toy horses and the toy horse saddle, toy horse bridle and all the other toy horse equipment are so realistic, children can practice lots of horse and pony activities with their Crafty Ponies - JUST LIKE THE REAL THING!

Learn about horses and ponies in the safety and comfort of your own home - for a fraction of the cost of attending a riding school!  

Here are some of the life skills

your child can develop*...






Fastening buckles

Making knots

*Crafty Ponies childrens craft kits are designed to be made by adults with help from children.  

Children can develop their skills and gain a sense of achievement from making their own stuffed toy horse!  Lots of childrens pony ideas and activities!



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Crafty Ponies craft kits help children:

Crafty Ponies

   toy horse numnah

Crafty Ponies kits are designed and made in the South Pennines of England

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'Crafty Ponies is a quality craft kit for adults and children to make together.  It is designed and manufactured in the UK and the packaging is recycled into the stable, showjumps, feed bucket and bedding.


Children learn about ponies on the company's educational website, as the pony and tack work just like the real thing.


Our testers said: "this is a wonderfully thought out kit and the end result is excellent.  You do need to be confident about sewing, although the instructions were very clear and should enable anyone to achieve a good end result".


"This kit offers a high enjoyment factor and the

children had lots of role-play fun.  The game and educational website really add to the play value"


- test reviewers for the Creative Play Awards 2011

We made our

own horse and pony toys with Crafty Ponies Craft Kits!

The 'How to sew'

 films on the website and fully illustrated instructions in the kit are fun and easy to follow

We are learning lots about horses and ponies on the website and we are practicing the horse and pony lessons with our own toy horses and


Learn about horses & ponies!

Tie a quick release knoit

Learn how to sew!

Click to hear the Crafty Ponies jingle!

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Crafty Ponies was also in the top three finalists at the NORTH WEST GREEN HEROS AWARDS which celebrates businesses in the North of England who show commitment to the environment and to the sustainability of their business. Next year we will try to win the award!