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Love Ponies!  Play and learn!

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Every Crafty Ponies product comes with a fully illustrated instruction booklet with detailed lessons about the product, helping your child to learn about ponies whilst they play!


Pippa pony rider

Craft Kit Pony and bridle

Soft Toy Crafty Pony

Soft Toy Crafty Pony

Educational website, videos and daily updates from our riding school immerse children in the exciting world of horses and ponies, then practice as Crafty Pony and tack look and work just like the real thing!

Crafty Ponies, realistic, educational soft toys.  Revolutionary, fun, new way for children to learn about ponies!  

children and crafty ponies grace and crafty in garden no tack crafty ponies white background spot prancer leo anavah comet dunamis top of hill DSC_4801

There are two types of Crafty Ponies for you!  There is a ready made soft toy pony ready for you to play with and there is a craft kit for you to make your own soft toy pony with realistic, miniature working  accessories!  Please click on the link to see the ponies!

Soft toy Crafty Pony Craft Kit Crafty Pony

Crafty Ponies live with us at our ABRS approved riding school in Hebden Bridge, England.  This is where we film your video horse and pony lessons with qualified instructors and design the fun pony lesson cartoons! Please click on the link to see your horse and pony lessons which you can practice with your Crafty Ponies at home!


We have many horse and pony videos on Crafty Ponies you tube channel, please click on the link to see Crafty Ponies you tube channel and SUBSCRIBE so are first to see the new videos!



Crafty Ponies horse and pony lessons filmed at our ridng school Izzy - Parts of the saddle (top) Harry - points of pony Pippa pony rider

We like to keep pony lessons fun and we have designed a Crafty Ponies 'cartoon family'.  These colourful characters present horse and pony lessons in a clear, easy to understand, simple and fun way!




We put new Crafty Ponies cartoon horse and pony lessons on the Crafty Ponies blog




We also post the Crafty Ponies cartoons to the Crafty Ponies facebook page, please click on the link to see it.  If you subscribe to the Crafty Ponies facebook page you will receive regular cartooon lessons and pony news

Crafty Ponies facebook page Crafty Ponies YOU TUBE channel horse and pony videos

Here is the new Crafty Ponies realistic, miniature working  RUG KIT.  The kit is available in red or blue. To view Crafty Ponies soft toys and craft kit ponies and accessories in the shop please click on the shop link

pony rug kit Crafty Ponies SHOP Crafty Ponies loved by children award

Crafty Ponies are LOVED BY CHILDREN - It's official!  Crafty Ponies have won many awards, click on the link below to see all the awards!  Crafty Ponies make wonderful, fun and educational gifts for pony mad children, keeping them amused for hours whilst playing with their ponies and practicing the horse and pony lessons.  Crafty Ponies miniature, realistic working tack and equipment adds to the learning experience and children can develop their understanding of horses and ponies, creativity, imagination and manual dexterity whilst having lots of fun!  Crafty Ponies have great play value and the regular social media horse and pony lessons which children can access through the blog on this website or the facebook page mean that there is always something new to learn about horses and ponies with Crafty Ponies!  

Rug to colour in pic crafty pony drawing

There are lots more fun pony activites in the 'Crafty Ponies Club'!


You can make these show jumps, hay net and other accessories for your Crafty Ponies, if you enjoy colouring in, why not print off these lovely pictures and colour them in for a pony picture for your wall or as a present!


Crafty Ponies are committed to helping children learn about ponies through Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies and their miniature realistic working toy tack and equipment, on-line videos and cartoon horse and pony lessons

Crafty Ponies Club

To read about how Crafty Ponies were initiated please click here!



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At the horse fair in Chiclana


We are here to help!  If you have any questions or queries please email or telephone us and we will do our best to help you.  We want our products to give you lots of fun and pony learning.


email: contact@craftyponies.co.uk       Telephone:  00 44 (0) 1422 844021

Cartoon lessons kira

Award winning, realistic miniature toy ponies, with working, replica saddles, bridles and accessories

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Crafty Ponies award winning soft toy ponies are wonderful gifts for children, helping them to learn about horses and ponies with the fun on-line horse and pony lessons, the miniature realistic working toy saddle, bridle and accessories,  keeping children amused for hours of horse and pony fun and play!