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Realistically the best soft toy ponies in the world!

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 Craft ideas and activities for kids!!

Crafty ponies childrens craft kits & the wonderful soft toy horse and pony toys they make into, along with the on-line horse and pony lessons that children can practice with their own Crafty Ponies provide a lot of horse and pony education,fun and entertainment!

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Because Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies and the toy horse saddle, toy horse bridle and all the other toy horse equipment are so realistic, children can practice lots of horse and pony activities with their Crafty Ponies - JUST LIKE THE REAL THING! - It's like having your own pony at home!

Crafty Ponies craft kits are designed and made in the South Pennines of England

Subscibe to Crafty Ponies facebook page for news, cartoons and pony pics!


In the safety and comfort of your own home you can immerse yourself in the world of horses and ponies!


Through the videos on this website and social media updates you can see the many horse and pony activities at the riding school, feeding the ponies, how to put a rug on, how to plait ponies manes and lots more topics


Just by clicking on the 'learn' button on the website you will enjoy many fun hours learning about ponies!    


DSC_4803 kira transparent FREE pony lessons on the educational website Primaries Ponies 5 Crafty Ponies craft kits - gorgeous soft toy ponie How to groom a pony lift saddle flap

Here are

Crafty Ponies, the most realistic soft toy ponies in the world! You can buy your own Crafty Pony here

Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies are created by us and live with their real life horse and pony friends at our riding school in Hebden Bridge

We enjoy teaching lots of children all about horses and ponies and we can help you to have fun and learn about horses and ponies too! Our video and cartoon lessons, social media updates, photos, and your realistic Crafty Ponies soft toy bring the world of horses and ponies into your own home!

This fun, interactive website will show you how much fun you can have with your Crafty Pony soft toy!

which look and work just like his big brothers and sisters saddles and bridles

With Crafty Pony it's like having a real pony in your living room!

Every day is a new day in Crafty Ponies World!


With my Crafty Pony it's like having my own pony at home with me!

You can log onto Crafty Ponies you tube channel for even more horse and pony videos.  Remember to subscibe so you are first to see the new videos as soon as they are published!

Social Media updates

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You can keep up with the life of Crafty's horse and pony friends and watch everyday life and activities at Crafty Ponies riding school by subscibing to Crafty Ponies facebook page

Meet the real life ponies!

With my Crafty Pony it's like having my own pony at home with me!

DSC_4801 Pippa pony rider amore sunny milo spot Crafty Ponies are a great value gift for children

Watch a real pony being groomed and then groom your Crafty Pony!  

Watch the videos and learn how to get Crafty Pony ready to go out for a ride, there are fun cartoon pony lessons too!

Harry - points of pony

There is a headcollar, lead rope and grooming brushes included in the Crafty Ponies craft kit, these will be soon be available as accessories for Craft Ponies soft toy!

See Crafty Ponies amore 10

We will show you how to put on his saddle and bridle

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