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Quality soft toy horse & pony craft/sewing kits, on-line horse & pony lesssons for children

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Make your own realistic pony, saddle and bridle!

 Craft ideas and activities for kids!!

Crafty ponies childrens craft kits & the wonderful soft toy horse and pony toys they make into, along with the on-line horse and pony lessons that children can practice with their own Crafty Ponies provide a lot of horse and pony education,fun and entertainment!

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Because Crafty Ponies stuffed toy horses and the toy horse saddle, toy horse bridle and all the other toy horse equipment are so realistic, children can practice lots of horse and pony activities with their Crafty Ponies - JUST LIKE THE REAL THING!

Learn how to care for ponies in the safety and comfort of your own home - for a fraction of the cost of attending a riding school! Qualified instruction filmed at our riding school in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England!

Crafty Ponies craft kits are designed and made in the South Pennines of England


Visit the facebook page for news, cartoons and pony pics!


Award winning Crafty Pony

sewing kits, make your own pony

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How to groom a real pony and

practice with your Crafty Pony!

An introductory video about

Crafty Ponies!

Crafty Ponies soft toy pony for children 5. harry crafty pony

Make your own realistic pony, saddle and bridle!

Coming soon - ready made Crafty Pony soft toy pony

with realistic saddle and bridle!

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We have lots of horses and ponies that we use to give lessons in our riding school!

Here is one of the ponies!

We have produced

15 FREE on-line video pony lessons

especially for you at our riding school!

You can practice the lessons with

your Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies!

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Crafty Ponies cartoon family

Crafty Ponies CARTOON  family 1 Cartoons Soft Toy Craft Kit

Childrens award winning pony craft & sewing kits, soft toys and lessons on how to care for your pony

Here is Harry, he is 3 years old. You can watch him grow up on our facebook page!

Watch the lessons here!