How to name the points of a pony

The different parts of the pony ie. the knee and the hock, are called ‘points’.

 You could point to the different points on your Crafty Pony, the more you use the words, the easier it is to remember them!


Learn about ponies with Crafty Ponies!  Even though your Crafty Pony is a soft toy pony he actually looks just like a real one!

See if you can point out all his various parts that you can see in the diagram above.

Actually there are two parts on the ‘real’ pony that your Crafty Pony has’nt got.  See if you can spot them!  (Answer at bottom of page)

When handling ponies we usually do most things from the NEAR side, ie. approaching the pony, putting the headcollar on, tying the pony up, putting the saddle and bridle on, putting rugs on etc.