About Us



1990 – Karen made Crafty Ponies for four of her six children when they were very small, she wanted them to play with realisitic toy ponies and equipment so that they could get used to what real tack looks like and how it works whilst playing and having fun.

1993 – The children got their first riding ponies, because of the realistic role play with their Crafty Ponies Karen’s children already knew how to put on a headcollar, lead rope, tie up, tack up, run up the stirrups etc. etc. (Karen was very happy about this!)

2003 – Karen and her husband Darren built Hebden Bridge Equestrian Centre, Karen taught hundreds of children and adults how to ride and care for horses for twelve years.

2009 – Karen designed and made ‘Crafty Ponies craft kits’ so that other mums and grannys could make a pony and tack set for their children like she had. Crafty Ponies craft kits are sold all over the world through the website and Amazon.

2010 – 2014 – Crafty Ponies craft kits received awards for craft and educational products, Karen and Darren took the ponies to horse shows, the children loved them but some parents did not have the time or inclination to sew them and kept asking Karen to make the ponies as finished products that they could buy.

2014 – 2016 – Karen and Darren went to China and found a small factory who now make the Crafty Ponies soft toy products

2015 – Crafty Ponies soft toys win ‘Creative Play of the year’ award for ‘Best role play toy for children aged 7 – 12years’.

2016 – Karen designed and produced the instructional booklets that now accompany every Crafty Ponies soft toy product. Karen has now started producing accessories for Crafty Ponies in the UK.

Crafty Ponies soft toys are now sold through shops, horse shows and the internet