Crafty Ponies Craft Kits

Crafty Ponies craft kits are back in stock and we have two new colours! Say a big “Hello” to GREY pony and BLACK pony who have joined our original BROWN pony! I hope that you like the new colours as much as we do, they look like they are making good friends already 🙂

Crafty Ponies arrive at their first shop!

Crafty Ponies have arrived at the first shop – Robinsons Equestrian in Malton, West Yorkshire! The ponies are settling in nicely and enjoying being in this wonderful tack and feed store, however they would love for r their new owners to come to the shop and take them home – will it be you!

Crafty Ponies soon available as seperate items complete with instruction booklets!

We have been rather quiet on social media recently as we have been very busy making lots of new booklets that will accompany the Crafty Ponies and their tack and accessories. We have also been busy re-packing the ponies and tack so that you can buy everything individually! The tack and accessories fit both ponies, the Craft Kit pony and the soft toy pony and will soon also be availble at your local tack shop!

Crafty Ponies saddle

Take a look at how realistic Crafty Ponies saddle is compared to a real saddle. Learning on a Crafty Ponies saddle makes it very easy to alter a real saddle. These saddles are called ‘general purpose english saddles’!

Good night!

Good night from Crafty Pony. Its very dark outside, but don’t worry, ponies are much better at seeing in the dark than humans!

Crafty in the snow

Here is a lovely picture of Crafty Pony in the snow, he’s wrapped up with his rug and leg bandages on. Some horses and ponies with lots of coat and feather don’t need to be wrapped up as well as Crafty is here!

Crafty meeting Milo

Here is Crafty Pony saying “Hello” to Milo, horses greet each other by sniffing noses. Milos ears are forward as he is curious and interested in Crafty Pony!

Our hack out!

The ponies enjoying a hack. A hack is when you ride on the moors or countryside. A big friendly dog came and said “Hi” to us. It is advisable to always have dogs on short leads around ponies!

Crafty Ponies meet Spanish horses!

The Crafty Pony herd stretched their legs in the field and were introduced to the Spanish youngsters. When you introduce horses they will assert their dominance to find where they fit in the herd hierarchy. The Crafty Ponies didnt put up much of a battle so the young Spanish horses left the Crafty Ponies to graze peacefully!

Crafy Pony Rug

Hi everyone. Take a look at Leo’s rug. The Crafty Pony rug works just like a real horses rug. The rugs have chest fastenings, cross sursingles and a fillet string! Our rug kits come with working miniture headcollors, lead rope and leg bandages!