Crafty Ponies Soft Toy Ponies


Crafty Ponies soft toy ponies are made from luxurious plush fur fabric and have a realistic miniature leatherette saddle and bridle that look and work just like a real saddle and bridle. They also have rugs, leg wraps, headcollars and lead ropes that look and work just like the ‘real thing’.

It is the attention to detail that makes Crafty Ponies so unique and special. Designed and produced by an international award winning product designer who also owns a busy riding school and Spanish horse stud, every product in the Crafty Ponies range is accurate and works just like the real thing.

The skills learned with Crafty Ponies are easily transferable, for example if children can put Crafty Ponies saddle and bridle together they can put a real saddle and bridle together and because Crafty Ponies manes and tails are made of cotton, children can learn how to plait.


In 2015 Crafty Ponies was the winner of the Creative Play awards for ‘Best role play toy for 8 – 12 year old children’. Creative role play is an important part of developing and improving children’s imagination and creativity. Playing with Crafty Ponies tack and equipment and learning how to plait also helps to develop and improve manual dexterity and skill.

Crafty Ponies – love ponies, play and learn!

Safety note: Crafty Ponies are recommended for children over three years old due to small parts on the tack and equipment which could cause a choke hazard if swallowed.