The only item you need to add is approx. 350g of polyester toy stuffing available from craft suppliers.

You will need the following equipment to make up the craft kit:

Dressmaking scissors
Dressmaking pins
Needle and matching thread (sewing machine if you have one)
Card glue/sticky tape
Pen or pencil
Paper scissors
Iron and cloth for ironing

We hope that you have lots of fun making up your Crafty Ponies craft kit.  If you have any queries please contact us

When we were developing Crafty Ponies we asked some of our riders if they would like to make up a kit to see if the instructions were clear and understandable.

We specifically asked for NON-SEWERS so that the craft kit could be properly tested!

These ‘guinea pig’ sewers then brought their finished ponies to our house to be videoed for this film!

As you can see, everyone made a good job of making up their Crafty Ponies and tack, even though they told me that they could’nt sew!  Also, these beginner/novice sewers had the illustrated instructions only, as the making up films had not yet been made!

Many thanks to all our testers – your Crafty Ponies look great! Yes you can make a pony!