Crafty Ponies Show Jumps

1Make a Show Jump for your Crafty Pony!

Recycle some household items into a wonderful Show Jump for your Crafty Pony!

When you have made this jump you may want to make more Show Jumps and have a Show Jumping Competition!

Click on the link to see how to play a Show Jumping competition!

How to play a Show Jumping game

You will need:
* Empty cereal packet
* Several sheets of colourful magazine

* 2 x A4 sheets of white pater (the reverse side of a letter?)
* Coloured sticky tape
* 2 x empty toilet roll tubes
* Glue stick or glue
* Scissors
* Paint and paint brush
* Pen or pencil
* Ruler
* Old newspaper or sheet to protect work surface from glue and paint

We hope that you have lots of fun making different show jumps for your Crafty Ponies, and dont forget to invite your friends around to have a show jumping competition!