Dear Crafty Ponies,

I got my Crafty pony for Christmas in 2012, after seeing it advertised in Pony Magazine. I love mine! He is brilliant
and I am so glad I have him. (I called him Storm)I visit your website a lot, and am currently making the rug for him!
I have made some other items over the Easter Holidays too:
grooming box with a sponge and a spare wire hoof-pick
a wool martingale and fly fringe
3 rosettes
Name Plate for his stable
Girth buckle guard from felt
Hay-net (I bought a Breyer hay-net from the internet and filled it with hay and it is the perfect size for Storm!)

I am thinking of some new accessories when I can! When I get a big cardboard box next, I will be making a horse box. I also use a Breyer Run-In-Barn as his stable, as it is the only stable that I have which is big enough to fit Storm in!

I have also attached some photo’s, I do not mind if you put them on your website.

Thank you so much,

My daughter loves her Crafty Pony. She had him for Christmas last year when she was nearly 10 and is still playing with him today. She was able to do most of it herself. I did the more difficult machining and the ironing, and some of the over sewing. The instructions are very clear and easy to find on the site. It was great fun and very good value for money. I like the fact that it was all produced locally, out of good quality materials and has such lasting appeal.


I am in love with my crafty pony, ‘Rupert’!!! He is amazing!! I can now teach my friends and family members how to care for and tack up any pony!! So now they can tack up my horse for me, HaHa!! Anyone tempted by buying one of these adorable ponies I will say… GO AHEAD!! They are amazing in every way, you’re not just having fun you’re bonding with the grown ups!! So go ahead and buy one of these wonderful kits!!


‘Bubbles’ is now finished, the kids are having so much fun playing with him and getting used to all the buckles and straps that a real horse has. Now to start on the lessons!


Crafty Ponies are amazing! They are really easy to do and bring your family members together. It is very exciting when you turn your pony inside out and stuff him The pony really comes alive! 🙂 They are so cute and I would definitely recommend them!

This kit offers a high enjoyment factor and the children had lots of role-play fun. The game and educational website really add to the play value

Test reviewers for the Creative Play Awards 2011

This is a wonderfully thought out kit and the end result is excellent. You do need to be confident about sewing, although the instructions were very clear and should enable anyone to achieve a good end result

Our Testers

Children learn about ponies on the company’s educational website, as the pony and tack work just like the real thing.

Test reviewers for the Creative Play Awards 2011

Crafty Ponies is a quality craft kit for adults and children to make together. It is designed and manufactured in the UK and the packaging is recycled into the stable, showjumps, feed bucket and bedding.

Test reviewers for the Creative Play Awards 2011