Dear Crafty Ponies,

I got my Crafty pony for Christmas in 2012, after seeing it advertised in Pony Magazine. I love mine! He is brilliant
and I am so glad I have him. (I called him Storm)I visit your website a lot, and am currently making the rug for him!
I have made some other items over the Easter Holidays too:
grooming box with a sponge and a spare wire hoof-pick
a wool martingale and fly fringe
3 rosettes
Name Plate for his stable
Girth buckle guard from felt
Hay-net (I bought a Breyer hay-net from the internet and filled it with hay and it is the perfect size for Storm!)

I am thinking of some new accessories when I can! When I get a big cardboard box next, I will be making a horse box. I also use a Breyer Run-In-Barn as his stable, as it is the only stable that I have which is big enough to fit Storm in!

I have also attached some photo’s, I do not mind if you put them on your website.

Thank you so much,